You and your bike.
Made for each other.

Davy Sprocket exists to bring together your dream mountain bike...
piece by piece.

New Bike Builds

Sure, off the rack is nice, but imagine a bike where every part was hand-picked to be perfect for you, the colour-scheme is customised to your tastes, everything is tuned to your riding style.

Bike Refreshes

Happy with your existing frame but need a modern refresh? Return your beloved steed to its former glory with an up-to-date makeover, whether it be a simple drivetrain update or new disc brakes and a fresh coat of paint.

Retro Builds

Do you have fond memories of days gone by, when you spent every free moment flicking through Mountain Bike Action dreaming of being the next Tinker or Julie Furtado? We'll source the parts of your dream bike, from wherever and whenever necessary.

How does it work?


During our initial meeting we'll chat about your needs, your wants and your dreams for your new build. We'll customise the specifics of your bike along with how to build it within your budget.

Davy Sprocket will work out all the finer details of your build, with a comprehensive report outlining the full technical specifications of the parts you need to make it happen.

Consultation price is $99, refundable if you go ahead with the build.


If you want to take customisation to the next level (think custom paint job or decals), we can make it happen. We will produce 2 design concepts, one of which we'll refine to ensure we design your perfect bike.

Price is dependent on the complexity of your design - we can discuss this with you before we start.


We love bike parts, and we are damn good at finding them. We'll source the components of your dream bike whenever possible through local distributors to ensure you get a full manufacturer's warranty. For vintage builds, we'll scour the depths of the Earth to find the best of what you're after, while still working with your budget.

But hey, we get that sometimes you might be able to get a better price online (we do it all the time too)... So if you'd prefer to buy parts yourself, our initial consultation report will provide all the details you need to get the right parts for your dream build.

Price is free for new builds; vintage build +10% of found part.


Once everything's arrived we'll assemble your dream bike with attention to detail that most bike shops just don't have the time to provide. And because we know what it's like to wait, we can send you photo updates throughout the build process.

On completion your bike will be tuned to your specifications (weight, height, riding style). If you're in the local area we will hand deliver your bike or, if you're further afield, your new bike will be carefully shipped to your door.

Price for a full build is $199, shipping and wheel building extra.

Ready to kick things off?

Fill out the form below with a little info about yourself to get started.